How Do I Have Tennis Elbow, When I Don’t Play Tennis???

How Do I Have Tennis Elbow, When I Don’t Play Tennis???

Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis/ epicondylalgia is quite a common injury which is treated by physiotherapists. Surprisingly,  most people with tennis elbow do not play tennis, and instead their pain is caused by either direct trauma or repeated stressors placed on an elbow tendon causing a tendinopathy. 

Patients typically report their pain as a pulling sensation or burning like symptoms over the lateral (outside) aspect of their elbow when completing basic lifting or gripping tasks. 

Physiotherapy plays a vital role to settle the pain and most importantly to  strengthen the tendons as a long term resolution.  Physiotherapy has been proven to be superior to cortisone injections or rest.

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Daniel Parasiliti

Partner / Senior Physiotherapist

Daniel has worked with many elite level sporting affiliations including WAFL football clubs, West Australian Ballet, Western Force, numerous local sporting clubs and is currently the Physiotherapist for Guildford Grammar and their football program.

Daniel is a proud husband, father of young twin boys and his little daughter. He is a mad Geelong supporter and loves a good Swan Valley red wine or cheese.


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