I HAVE BURSITIS!!!!! But is it the source of your pain?

I HAVE BURSITIS!!!!! But is it the source of your pain?

Bursitis is a common pathology seen under an ultrasound investigation in the knee, shoulder and lateral hip. Bursae are small fluid-filled sacs which are lined by synovial membrane containing a vicious synovial fluid.

Bursae are seen throughout the body, where their purpose is to reduce friction by providing a cushion between bones and tendons and/or muscles around a joint. Bursitis are an irritation or inflammation to the bursal sac which is usually caused by direct trauma, repetitive loads or a number of biomechanical issues.

However, are they really the source of your pain? Research shows that 78% of asymptomatic, pain free, shoulders investigated under ultrasound depict some level of shoulder bursitis. And in a more recent study of 877 people suffering from lateral hip pain, commonly referred to as greater trochanteric bursitis, 79.8% of the population didn’t display any signs of bursitis under ultrasound.

Is your pain really being caused by a bursitis? A review with one of our brilliant physiotherapists can uncover whether your pain is actually coming from a bursae or from another pathology.



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