How do I fix the ache between my shoulder blades???

How do I fix the ache between my shoulder blades???

Do you ever feel like there’s a tight knot in the muscles between your shoulder blades? That no matter how much you rub it, you just can’t seem to get rid of it? Then keep reading because this one is for you.

Pain between the shoulder blades is a common presentation and if you’ve ever experienced this, you know just how uncomfortable it can be. 

So what is causing this pain?

I commonly hear patients complaining that it is worse after long hours working in the office or driving. This is because you are required to sit in a hunched over position for long periods of time. When you sit in this position it places an increased load on the muscles between your shoulder blades. If these muscles are weak or lack in endurance, they can become overloaded which can cause an ache to develop between your shoulder blades. Sitting in a hunched position for a long time can also cause the muscles in the front of your chest to become tight.

Quick posture check: Are you currently hunched over your phone/laptop as you’re reading this? Do you feel that ache between your shoulders and tightness in the front of your chest? Try sitting up tall and proud with your shoulders back and see if the ache reduces.

So how do I fix it?

There are many different factors that could be contributing to your pain so it is important to book in with one of our physiotherapists for a thorough assessment. However, it is commonly due to a combination of poor posture, tight muscles and weak muscles.

Here are some of my favourite exercises to help

1. Face pulls


2. Trigger Point Massage

3. Neck Stretches


4. Pec doorway stretch


Benita Mercuri

Benita is a Curtin University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. She has gained experience in multiple health settings including hospitals, outpatient clinics and as a sports trainer for football, soccer and basketball teams. She has competed at a state level for bodybuilding, gymnastics and netball and at an international level for equestrian and tetrathlon.

Benita enjoys creating personalised rehabilitation programs to help you achieve your optimal health and fitness in the most effective way possible. She is passionate about helping restore athletes to their full potential and her extensive sporting background has equipped her with the skills to treat multiple musculoskeletal conditions.

When not at work, you can find Benita cruising along the coast on her skateboard or training for her next bodybuilding competition.

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